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Plum Recipe Book.

 Plum Recipe Book. special PDF pricing now available for $8


 PDF Version $15.00 $8.00

 Order a hard copy for $20.00.set04_order_on.gif






  •  Wow, what a book this one is! It has 92 pages of plum thoughts, ideas and amazement. Here is a sample of some of the recipes you will get when you purchase this book;
  • Plum raviloi, plum nut jam,purple plum tart with walnut filling,plum finger pastries, plum torte, plum tarts with greek yoghurt, plum oatmeal, plum crumble, plum and celery slad,plum rissotto with goat cheese and rosemary and to top it off with plum brandy or plum liqueur.
  • Plums differ so much from one kind to another, it is like having a whole range of fruit called by the same name.  As long ago as the first century A.D. Piny spoke of a “cast crowd of plums”, and described 12 different kinds.  Today there are more than 2000 varieties.  They types you see most commonly are firm, round blood plums that come in both large and small sizes; large red skinned, yellow-fleshed plums; small oval. Purplish Angelina; and the greengage, a beautiful yellow plum with a slightly pointed shape.








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