Broad Beans
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Broad Bean Recipe Book.

 This is the most comprehensive recipe book devoted to the Broad Bean. It has more than 260 recipes on 65 pages of easy to follow instructions. If you are looking for interesting and different ways to serve Broad beans, this book is a must have.

Available in electronic (CD) $15.00 or printed $20.00 form.

The Oldest Bean.


 PDF Version $15.00

 Order a hard copy for $20.00.set04_order_on.gif


Stone Age Beans.


  • Broad Beans are also know as fava or faba beans. In U.S.A. they are called Windsor beans.
  • Broad beans are the oldest of our beans, dating back to stone age times.

The Neglected Vegetable.


  • Broad beans were once the staple food of the poor and equally enjoyed by the rich.
  • Often the forgotten vegetable it is not easy to find different ways to present them. This book will give you 265 ways to try in your kitchen.

Tasty and Nutricious.


  • this wonderful hard little been offers such robust flavour and is highly nutritious.
  • broad beans are full of phosphorus, vitamin A and C and is noticeably rich in protein.
  •  they are used extensively in  Middle East dishes.  In Italy the raw beans are served with a piece of Florio cheese and in Greece are also traditionally raw, washed down some intoxicating ouzo.

A Good Bean.


  • the pods should be pale green and feel soft and tender.  the beans need to be eaten within a couple of days of purchase and stored in the refrigerator, otherwise  the carbohydrate in the beans turn to sugar which in turn changes of flavour of beans.
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