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Blueberry Recipe Books.

 We have three blueberry recipe books in our range.

 Blueberry book 1.

Blueberries, The Versatile Berry.


Blueberries can be used in jellies, jams, pies, and muffins, and are an ingredient of many other snacks and delicacies. Some baked products incorporate artificial blueberries but are much better with frozen and fresh berries.

Fruit wines and other drinks have also become more popular with some recipes featured in this serries of books.


Each book in this series has a variety of sweet and savoury recipes using Blueberries.

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 Blueberry Book 2.

Book 2 includes a good range of recipies for savoury and sweet meal options.

Click on the book cover for some examples of what you will find in the books.

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 Blueberry Book 3.

Book 3 contains even more recipes including meals, drinks and desserts.

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